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An exciting escort date

Last week I let you in on my thoughts on having an OnlyFans account and why I don’t have one. Many people have since then told me that this medium is really not that impersonal.

So who knows - maybe I'll take the leap and become a TV star in my very own show sometime in the near future! At least I know that I have a lot of talent on that level, and that I should probably be able to activate a really good fan base!

Release the cravings with erotic reading

But until I have build up the right amount of courage, you will just have to make do with your imagination. I will make sure to feed it properly on this blog.

I'm about to burst with horniness – and I find relief in writing about my erotic adventures. My knees go completely soft right now – as do other parts of my body – at the very thought of what I am going to share with you!

You can just sit back and enjoy the ride.For here comes the story of the time I participated in a double date which developed in a quite unexpected - but definitely not unwanted - direction.

The trip goes down town - and into Emily's innermost desires

Occasionally it happens - not very often, but at regular intervals - that two escort girls are booked for a double date. For example, there may be two business travelers who want a great experience in the city if they are only there for one night - away from the wife, the children and their boring everyday life.

You will often see men coming in from out of town to have a meeting in the big city where no one recognizes them. Or, as is the case here, two businessmen from Sweden who were to spend the night at one of the better hotels down town.

Myself and my co-escort - let's call her Carrie - showed up at the entrance to the restaurant at the smart hotel. We had been asked not to dress too conspicuously challenging. It should apparently look like a completely ordinary couple dinner - with a couple of unusually fresh and young girlfriends, as compared to the men.

I think the serving staff had probably figured out what it was all about. But Carrie and I did our best to maintain the illusion - for the sake of the customers.

A gleeful glance and a loving hand

We were placed at a four person table, me facing Carrie's date with my own date next to him. That way I could enjoy the attention of both men. And Carrie felt the same way, I could clearly see.

During dinner, I could almost feel how Carrie's date undressed me with his eyes. He was a relatively large man, as far as I remember - maybe in his early forties, and well trained.

I remember being a little jealous of Carrie. My own date did not seem nearly as well endowed. Even though he was tall, his build was to the slim side. I prefer some meat on my man. But as it would later turn out, my date also had plenty to give.

Carrie's date could hardly focus on the conversation. He ate me with his eyes, from start to finish. I remember how it turned me on and how much I wanted to pull him out of the restaurant's fancy toilet so he could be allowed to really eat me out.

Carrie did not seem to have a problem. She was busy posing for my date, whose eyes hung glued to her stiff nipples. When he simultaneously caressed my inner thigh with his fingers, I could hardly contain myself. Imagine being the subject of so much top horny attention from two lovely men at one and the same time!

Horniness is the mother of invention …

A dinner is always the best way to really build up an erotic mood and excitement. There’s an incredible number of seductive elements included in meal. After all, it's about putting things in your mouth. And as you know, this can be done in countless ways.

I know a few tricks to fire up a hot date in order to make it even hotter. For instance, I can wiggle out of my g string and place it in my date’s lap with my feet. In this case, such a maneuver was not necessary at all.

The Swedish boys were simply turned on from the very beginning. And this was no secret to anyone. Carrie and I had both noticed it. But it was Carrie who took the final initiative and delivered the suggestion that all four of us share a room instead of going our separate ways.

At first it seemed as if the lightning had struck down in the middle of the table, and I was momentarily gripped by panic. Had we crossed a line that was not meant to be crossed? But no - in fact, it seemed like our two new friends were quite into this idea.

They chugged down the rest of the main course - and I got a very understanding look from the waiter when I asked to have the dessert to go!

A fierce foursome in a king size bed

The hotel our Swedish dates had booked is of the type which is part of an American franchise. This means relatively dull decor, but really big beds. And we ended up being pretty happy about that!

The room - or the suite, as it probably was - contained two large bathrooms. This was smart as it provided space for all four of us to be refreshed.

I took my date to one of the bathrooms where he got the big treatment - that is, without the climax. He would need something to look forward to. Afterwards, he was allowed to watch while I washed myself from head to toe using a shower head and cream soap.

We all four met in the room itself where the two guys were allowed to wait in their respective armchairs while Carrie and I applied fragrant cream to each others bodies.

Carrie has an unusually nice body with firm, high-set breasts and a relatively large - but also very firm - ass. I enjoyed letting my tongue and fingers slide over her breasts while my date was starving in his chair and her nipples became quite hard.

When we both felt ready, we invited the men in turn. It was a fantastic experience to let go of all the horniness that had built up throughout the evening, and to be able to share this experience with others. First we lovingly took care of Carrie's date, who despite his impressive size turned out to be a very gentle lover.

In fact, he was a bit on the verge of boring - so when my date came on the field and released his inner Energizer bunny he really got us going!

It does not take much imagination to imagine exactly how horny you would become after spending hours in the company of me and Carrie. So this evening turned out to be one of the better of it’s kind, going on full throttle until the wee hours of the morning!

Now I can feel that it's time to go to bed - I got really sleepy from writing this blog article. Don’t forget to check in on the Adult Sex Dating chat or the Sugargirl Dating chat to find your Emily or Carrie. Until then - good night, all you sweet dream men out there - see you soon!

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