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This blog is dedicated to all you guys who are curious about what the world looks like from a completely ordinary girl's perspective.

Well, maybe not quite ordinary. After all, not all girls have spent several years in their youth as a pricey escort girl who then decides to go in a completely different direction and commence a full time study at the university.

Most girls probably choose a slightly different way to spend their sabbatical year. But then again – this just goes to show that you never quite know a person.

I could be the neighbor's daughter at a first glance, with blue eyes and light blonde hair that often swings in a ponytail or is gathered in a bun when I study or do chores.

You would probably never guess that I can easily squeeze myself into a tight latex corsage with matching plateau stilettos – and that I have actually done just that a dozen times. Or that in my early twenties I actually financed both my lifestyle and my savings through escort service.

You will definitely just see a diligent student with high ambitions and dreams of an exciting career, followed by husband and family. And you will not be mistaken. But I hold so much more than that.

From sugar dating to exclusive escort service

In fact, I have a lot of stories I would like to share with you. In this blog you can read about love, horniness, ecstasy - and all the feelings of shame and taboo that come with a lifestyle that is overlooked by many.

You will make a journey through all my intimate and most well-kept secrets from my youth. And I will do my best to describe exactly what drives me - and many other girls in the same situation - to seek out this very special world of desire, power and prestige.

Sugar dating - my first erotic rendezvous

When I was very young, in fact under twenty, I had my first experiences with sugar dating. I have to admit it turned me on in a quite wild manner!

It may sound wrong to many people, but I loved the fact that I possessed a very valuable currency: My youth and my fresh sensuality.

Of course, my experience with sugar dating was about money. But in a way, the money was not the main focus. It was the exchange.

I felt the game going on between me and the usually somewhat older man I was dating. An interplay which was quite unique and cannot be compared to traditional dating.

As the expectation arose in the situation, I felt a tension which would often make my panties quite damp. The feeling of being the smaller one as opposed his bodily superiority, experience and dominance, and then at the same time being the one in power, made me, to put it mildly, horny as hell.

For the first few years, there was no sexual contact between me and my sugar daddies. The excitement and fascination was sufficient for both of us. He got his wish fulfilled by being able to step in the door of a fancy restaurant with a young and beautiful woman on his arm.

No one could ever doubt his status. And I could parade a Gucci bag or a pair of Prada boots down the main street the next day along with pride and confidence.

When horniness takes over

After a few years, I started to get the feeling that there had to be more to this life.

I was actually starting to develop feelings for one of my sugar daddies. And I had an incredible craving for him.

I longed to have him on top of me, to feel his hips against mine, to hear his breathing close to my ear - and above all to let him express this horniness he had built up.

It took me some time to reach this point. We had gradually built up a really good and trusting relationship based on the mutual exchange of gifts and company. I was actually a little scared. What if I could ruin something very valuable by giving in to my own desires?

Therefore, I also put in an effort preparing for this event. I booked a room at one of the more upscale hotels in town prior to our appointment, and did not mention anything about it during dinner. When during the dessert he presented the evening's gift - a bracelet from Cartier, as far as I can remember - I decided that the time was right.

"I also have a little surprise for you," I smiled and got up from the table. And that was where he suddenly got very keen on asking the waiter for the check!

I remember that night as the culmination of months of flirting and a friendship that had suddenly gone on to become more than that.

Whatever other people might think about sugar dating, my own feeling was quite clear - I had hit the bullseye with my sugar daddy! And this was just going to be the beginning of a long career with lots of horny sex and educational relationships.

Professional escort service - the late years

After this experience, it was quite clear to me that I wanted more. And I was never in it for the money alone. I wished to involve myself in my dating on a whole different level, without restraining myself.

I was a young at heart and of body and mind - and that happens only once in a lifetime. So why not get the most out of it?

I decided to go all in on escort, which by its nature involves little more than just sugar dating. Instead of letting myself be rewarded in gifts and expensive dinners, I set a fixed price for my services. I wanted to see cool cash - and I was adamant about it.

This actually turned me on even more. Still having the unrestricted power was my primary motivator. And it could make me so horny that I was about to explode even before the obligatory dinner and dance was over and we got to the more interesting part of the evening.

Age difference - does it matter at all?

It is clear that during my time as a sugar babe and escort girl I have mostly come across men who were significantly older than myself - fifteen, twenty, maybe even twenty-five years or more. After all, it is not the poor student or the low-paid graduate who has that kind of money.

At the same time, my clients were most often men over a certain age in need of the company of a pretty young woman. The typical customer is in my experience either single and misses the excitement and sensuality. Or he is locked in an shitty life with a wife who does not care for him, children who suck all his life force out of him, and a boring job that he might very well just get rid of if the family was not dependent on his money.

I often found that the men somehow came to life when they were with me. When I sat with a man and asked about his life - perhaps the hobbies or interests that he had ceased to pursue when starting a family - I could catch a glimpse of the man who had once been young and full of dreams and hopes for the future. Dreams that had been extinguished along the way, but which could give the man on the other side of the table a happy smile on his face.

When that moment occurred, it actually did not matter if he was 40 or 50 years old, or maybe even older - it was the young man I saw behind the wrinkles, the dad bod and the balding head. That was the man I screwed at the end of the evening. And that was the person I carried on with me in my memories.

I dropped the escort job a few years back upon deciding that I was ready to start an education. It's a time I look back on with joy. And I would love to share my thoughts on sex, eroticism and love with you, my readers. Welcome to my blog!

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