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Hi it's Emily again – with more real life stories, coming straight to all you lovely men out there!

In a previous blog post I told you all about a double date with two escort clients and my friend Carrie. This date turned out to be more interesting than what I just expected. And this probably also applied to Carrie and to the two handsome Swedish men who were actually both very open and creative, and had plenty to offer in bed.

This date is an example of an escort date that surprised me to the positive side. But it can certainly also go the other way.

Fortunately, I been spared for the worst experiences during my career as a sugar dater and escort girl. It can easily go horribly wrong – and therefore you are of course always prepared for the worst.

But I have had some experiences that were quite disappointing, from which I could go home with a flat and unresolved feeling in my body. And then it's good that you can contact a good friend to talk it out - or maybe confide in your blog and hope that the men out there are readers. For what I have to describe now is a clear example of how not to treat an escort girl.

A shabby dinner is usually a bad sign

I was relatively new to the subject at the time but should still have noticed the red flags when my date insisted on meeting with me at a mildly inferior restaurant belonging to a ditto hotel.

At this point it should be obvious that the customer is in no way a big spender. Of course, it's perfectly okay to be a little cautious about your finances, especially if you are not exactly Vanderbilt or Rockefeller. But as a general rule, you should as an escort client always try to maintain a certain standard and set the bar high from the very beginning of the evening.

In this case and situation we were at a level where I had to keep my spirits up by thinking that it could only get better from now on.

Boring or tacky gifts are a no go

We had hardly sat down at the table before my date almost threw tonight's gift in my lap. It was a Gucci replica bag. I say it again to clarify: A Gucci COPY.

At this point I should have just said thank you and good night. Not really because of the gift itself as because of the way it was presented. He just laid it on my lap, sat down and glared at me with a mixture of hunger and anticipation in his eyes.

I turned on my best smile, pushed a "thank you" through my teeth, and tried my best to get out of the awkward situation by studying the menu card closely.

This was the type of steak with bearnaise and free salad bar - not exactly the quality I'm used to. But I decided to give it a try anyway. The customer's taste in food is so far not my concern as long as I get my payment.

Keep the conversation going

My date also excelled at saying almost nothing all evening. I tried to get him to talk, but he mostly answered with one-syllable words while his eyes hung on my breasts, at the same time without even picking up on the conversation or contributing to it.

It was as if he was just busy getting done with the warm up exercises so that he could finally put his cock into me. This made me feel uncomfortable as if I were under pressure - a feeling I never have with a sweet and inspiring customer. And I'll say it right away: A dead conversation is a huge turn off. It is through the conversation that your escort girl gets to know you as a person and therefore later in the evening will be able to help you make your hottest dreams come true.

If you just want a meaningless and bland bang you want there are lots of girls who offer this much cheaper. Which brings me on to my next big no no: The condescending attitude.

Show respect for your escort girl

"Aren't you really just a kind of luxury whore?"

At this point, I was very close to throwing the cheap Gucci copy right in the face of my date, turn around on my stiletto heel and leave the scene while of course paying my share of the miserable dinner so he didn't have that on me.

I am not really bothered or triggered by called a whore. As an escort girl, you are a prostitute, and there is nothing wrong with that. Prostitution is a job like so many other jobs out there. And as long as prostitution is by your own choice, I have a very hard time seeing the problem.

I have the greatest respect for the girls who are called whores and who offer a different kind of sex services than I do. But it is the undertones that lie in the statement that in every way rub me the wrong way – so to speak.

First and foremost, I cannot accept a condescending attitude about prostitutes. And that I should be particularly luxurious because I offer a special kind of service is incredibly degrading to both me and to women who have chosen this profession in general.

But I resisted my urge to slip, or to replicate with “Aren’t you really just a misogynist dickhead”. Instead I put on a good face. I smiled and explained to him that yes - I am a prostitute, and he probably should not have a problem with that.

I thought to myself that he must hate himself incredibly much since he chose to pay for sex and company, while at the same time he thought he needed to demean the person who offered both. And I also thought that the price we had agreed upon was far, far too low!

Make an effort – for your own sake

After we finished our dessert and had our coffee my date had yet to show some sign of initiative. I the chose to ask if we should go up to the room – just to get it all over and done with as fast as possible.

I thought if I played my cards right I could probably get him to come fast and then we could go our separate ways. But I had misjudged the situation completely.

My measly date could not even get it up and running. And what is a girl to do?

I have to admit it was not my proudest moment, but this was when I removed the good face and started scolding him. Now I had to endure his miserable company for so many hours, eat mediocre food and pretend I was happy with a f*cking Gucci copy - and then he just offered a lousy hotel room and a limp cock?!!

I really let my anger and frustration shine through as I showered him with all kinds of profanities. And then the incredible thing happened: He actually performed a little erection!

Being scolded by someone he considered a whore was obviously his kink. I took a chance, straddled the puny imp and rode his little wiener as if it were a racehorse - and of course he reached his finish line within four minutes. And then I could pack up and go home.

I considered "forgetting" the Gucci replica bag in the hotel room, but decided to keep it anyway. To this day, it stands in my bookshelf, reminding me daily not to compromise. Next time I experience something similar I would rather escape the humiliation and say goodbye and thank you right away!

Get rid of disappointments – get to know your date via chat

Fortunately, there are not that many types of bad experiences when working as an escort girl. Nor should I be able to rule out that my client just had a bad day, or that our chemistry simply did not match.

If you want to be absolutely sure that you fit in with the girl you are dating, it is a good idea to get to know her first, for example through chat. You can go to one of the many sex and dating chats here, and find cute girls who will definitely love to share their fantasies with you – and listen to yours at the same time!

See you next time I feel like sharing stories and fantasies with you <3

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